Nobody Told Us How?

I feel like I can’t just sit by and pass no comment. Work is put on hold as I gather my thoughts through writing them down. I have many thoughts about what has happened at the Boston Marathon. The first: It’s a tragedy, yes, no doubt.  The rest are ramblings of mind with a purpose. It is truth that there are people who want to hurt others.  I don’t condone hurting others. However, and here’s where I may get slammed… I don’t believe in looking for “justice” for what has happened. At least not in the way many people view “justice”.

There are a million tragedies all around the globe on a daily, no, momentary basis.  The vast majority are ignored by the vast majority.  We don’t feel we relate to those corners of the world, or those neighbours we don’t like, or we somehow believe it doesn’t affect us.  There are even those that think tragedy in certain parts of the world or society are okay, because “they” are not like “us”.  However in my little corner of the world, we watch a lot of American TV, films, listen to their music, and (arguably) speak the same language.  So we see “them” as “more like us”, and we are horrified that people “like us” can be attacked at random by an unseen and unsuspected force while just having a lovely day.  It’s frightening, shocking, and a little too close to home. Am I wrong?

We forget that this is reality. The world is at war. We may not see it in our everyday lives, we can ignore the news, stick our heads in the sand and say “all is okay”…and believe me I do, for my own sanity.  But all is not okay.  The world is in pain. Its lands, people, animals, plants and oceans are all suffering every day.  Its sky is choked with fumes of our progress and we breathe and bathe in the excrement of our own lives.

I will be the first to say that I know nothing about politics.  I really mean nothing. I have intentionally kept it this way because I find it so depressing that I don’t want to be polluted by it.  I know there are people out there that do good, amazing things.  I know politics have brought fantastic changes to so many parts of our society.  But there is also the dark side.  Those areas where people are not representing their constituents, not looking to move us all inline with the greater good.  Many are self-serving, but others are failing not necessarily because they don’t want make things better but because they don’t know how.  Nobody told us how. We stumble along and get burned on the way and we wear our scars and use them as excuses to burn others.  We become disillusioned and close off our hearts to what can actually heal us.  But nobody told us how.  Instead of healing, we hurt, we lash out, we perpetuate a cycle that we don’t know how to stop.  Nobody told us how.

In the wake of what appears to be another terrorist attack on the US I am fearful of retaliation.  I don’t want retaliation.  I don’t want justice.  I want people to look at what’s wrong in the world and heal it. Nobody told us how.  Nobody told us how? Really???

There are so many that have told us how, but we don’t listen. Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gandhi, and please, I beg you, comment with names of other wonderful souls who have maybe not told, but at the very least, shown us how.  Share these wonderful souls’ teachings with the world now.  Open our eyes to the possibilities of change, the possibilities of a better world, a better life.  And start with the Man in the Mirror.  I don’t know if Michael Jackson was a great man, a lunatic or any of the other accusations that were thrown his way during his lifetime, but he got that part very right.  Start with the Man in the Mirror. It’s the only place from which to start changing the world for the better.

I beg you.

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2 Responses to Nobody Told Us How?

  1. Mairead says:

    Well said! Nelson Mandela could be added to the list of people who have shown us how to ‘live the truth’. Mairead

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