So, uh…what’s the big deal with Osteoporosis?

Want to Build Better Bones?

Bone is living tissue and as such it responds to how we treat it. Recent research has indicated that a regular, safe yoga practice can not only halt the onset of osteoporosis (fragile bones) but actually reverse its progress.  It safety improves balance, clarity of mind and overall bone strength, leading to fewer fall incidences and decreased risk of fracture.

The nutrients we take in through our diet also play a crucial part in building bone strength, so knowing what to eat and what to avoid is important, as it is for our overall health in general.

Osteoporosis and even bone fractures (breaks) are not in themselves that much of an issue – which is not to say that a fracture isn’t painful…it is!  However, the life-changing circumstances that can result from a fracture can have devastating effects, leading to being bed-bound, or wheelchair-bound, which deteriorates the muscles, to say nothing of mental well-being.

Prevention is better than cure. The best time to build up good bones is in our teens and early 20s, or actually from pre-conception!  Bone density decreases from age 35 on average, so if strong bones are not already built up, we’re on a losing battle – not an impossible battle, but certainly more difficult.

Osteoporosis is not an aging disease, nor is it a women’s disease.  20-25% of men over the age of 50 break bones due to their fragility and men with osteoporosis are much more likely to break bones than their female counterparts are.

Education is key to prevent us, our families and loved ones from inadvertently allowing this disease to develop.  While many factors are out of our control, there are still many things we can do to prevent and manage brittle bones.  Check out my post on yoga for osteoporosis to find information on Dr. Loren Fishman’s and Ellen Saltonstall’s research on the topic.

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