Melt into Yoga at WOTB 2013

Have you ever experienced stress or anxiety? Do you have muscular stiffness or pain?  Do you sometimes think life should be easier?   Yoga and Meditation have been used in the East for millennia as a path toward spiritual awakening, with the added bonus of excellent health.  In the previous century the Western World embraced yoga, largely as a physical exercise, and more recently it has been used as a successful tool in the field of mental and emotional health.  Visit me in The Pamper Area of Women Outside The Box to discuss which aspects of yoga may suit you best, from a vigorous physical workout to a mindful practice to restore your personal balance.  4th Floor, The Arnolfini, Bristol, October 7th in The Pamper Area.

WOTB SPECIAL OFFER:  Don’t forget to pick up your 50% Off Voucher for your first private yoga class in your own home, plus put yourself in for the chance to win a FREE 1.5-hr yoga class, including initial consultation. (T&C apply)

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