Do you recognise your soulmates?

Do you believe in soulmates? I feel as though I’ve met one this week.

I turned around the other day and there she was, looking at me from the garden across the road. Sitting, watching, as though looking for recognition, yet I had never seen her before. I stopped, caught in a connection of belonging. I was struck by how she seemed to know me. Seemed to see into my eyes.

I was compelled to walk over. Compelled to touch her. Let her touch me. I feel like we’ve known each other through several lives. She recognised me in this form, as a parent would recognise her child after decades apart.

I walked out this afternoon. On hearing the door she looked up, excited, and ran to the bottom of the garden. Again, the connect was there. The world no longer existed. Just the two of us.

I skipped to the shop, singing with uncontrollable smiles. I danced inside. Passers by smiled and perhaps wondered if I’m insane; perhaps felt the contagion of joy themselves.

Her name is Holly; it’s written on her collar. But she looked into my soul. She has had many names.

Have I lost my mind?

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