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Sometimes the best gifts come in oddly-wrapped parcels (which occasionally are booby-trapped with high-voltage deterrants). Today confirms again for me that I need only trust my true self, my intuition, my gut, and listen to the quieted voice.

Today I am grateful for the painful reboot. Continue reading

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Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!

This is why I do yoga. At 30 years of age I could barely walk. Yoga helped me to live a normal life. I never reached the extreme that this man did, but I could have. Easily. A friend of … Continue reading

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Living Bones

Taking a look around the room I’m sitting in I see dust. Ash from the fire, cat hair, soil from the garden and lots and lots of dead skin.  Yup. Lovely thought, I know, but I’m looking around and seeing … Continue reading

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Osteoporosis and Men

I’m going on the radio tomorrow (Friday) on Bristol Community FM (BCfm on 93.2fm) at lunchtime as part of their coverage of International Women’s Day. Why me?  Because I’m working on a Yoga for Osteoporosis project, and osteoporosis, as everyone … Continue reading

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Yoga For Osteoporosis

This time last year I was in India and I felt more connected to the universe and all the creatures and matter in it than I had ever thought possible. Okay, that sounds a little crazy.  A bit hippy-dippy perhaps, … Continue reading

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The Yoga Bug

Okay, so this is my first yoga blog… So…(fingers drumming on keyboard, eyes searching the room for inspiration)… what to talk about?  Well, as this is an introductory blog I guess it makes sense to start with me and what … Continue reading

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