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Melting Into Peace?

My friend’s father passed away last week. My friends’ mother died yesterday.   Not the first of my friends’ parents to go, but it’s happening more frequently.  My friends’ baby is dying in utero.  Not the first friends to lose a … Continue reading

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Petrified Blossoms

I caught a headline on a newspaper this morning, which stated that this cold spell we’re experiencing is expected to last until the end of April.  Another month…really??  Two years ago I spent most of March in Bristol and got … Continue reading

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I Give Up… And It’s About Time

…grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change; Courage to Change the things I can; and Wisdom to Know the difference… –Reinhold Niebuhr The above quote, taken from the well-known Serenity Prayer, holds wonderful sentiment and guidance, … Continue reading

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The Yoga Bug

Okay, so this is my first yoga blog… So…(fingers drumming on keyboard, eyes searching the room for inspiration)… what to talk about?  Well, as this is an introductory blog I guess it makes sense to start with me and what … Continue reading

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