Petrified Blossoms

I caught a headline on a newspaper this morning, which stated that this cold spell we’re experiencing is expected to last until the end of April.  Another month…really??  Two years ago I spent most of March in Bristol and got sun-burned in one afternoon.  Today I look at the skin on my face and hands to see that they’re dried out and chapped from constantly alternating between central heating inside and the cold outside.

I’ve had stiffness in my neck lately, and I’m not the only one.  I was asked for advice today on how to release neck tension and along with the regular advice of “learn to relax your muscles” (I did expand on that in some detail btw, just in case you think that’s some terrible off-the-cuff, dismissive and  non-engaged response) I also mentioned that in the cold weather we’re more inclined to huddle into ourselves, retreating our heads into our bodies like turtles, compressing and stressing our necks as we do so (because we’re not turtles, which I’m sure you already know…).  With this extended cold weather, we’re retreating into our shells for longer, the stresses may build up and exacerbate pre-existing problems as well as create some brand new ones, just for us.

As I drove home I noticed the spring blossoms that had dared, in good faith, to bloom in the trees a few weeks ago.  Now, just like us, they’ve retreated into themselves.  They’re protecting themselves from the cold.  Such beautiful potential, stunted by circumstance, looking petrified.   I wonder if everyone at times feels the need to retreat from full-bloom… I know I have…  Perhaps it’s helpful to remember that Summer will still come and there’ll be another Springtime next year for us to act in good faith and try yet again.

But in the meantime…anyone fancy whisking me away to some exotic location for a week of sunshine? … 😉

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1 Response to Petrified Blossoms

  1. Oh Bristol Magnolias, you have not let me down. What a breath-taking sight as I wander and cycle around this beautiful city! 🙂

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